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Magic Jack Plus Product Review

How do I rate the Magic Jack?

I give the Magic Jack Five ***** Stars.
Why do I give the Magic Jack Five ***** Stars?
I give it Five ***** Stars because using the Magic Jack as my landline phone service saves me at minimum of $360.00 a year.

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I wish I switched to Magic Jack Plus telephone service sooner but I was a skeptic like so many others when new products hit the market.  Paying $30.00 a year to receive quality telephone service seemed hard to believe but now I'm a believer and a Magic Jack Plus user.

The USB telephone device can be used in several different ways.  You can plug the USB device directly into a computer USB input, directly into an electrical socket OR you can make calls using a mobile device.  All you have to do is upload the free Magic Jack App and as long as you have an internet connection you can make a phone call through a tablet, iPad, iPod iPhone.

There are more perks and features when using the Magic Jack Plus as a landline phone service.  Magic Jack offers many cool features and some enhanced features I did not receive with my old telephone service provider.

Perks and Features

1)  The number one feature I like about having the Magic Jack Plus plugged into my computer is that I can switch the phone call to travel through my computer speakers.  I know most phones now offer this feature but the phone call has better clarity compared to using my wireless phone.  I've already used this feature to browse, type and work online while I was speaking to someone through the computer speakers and had no problem hearing them and visa versa.  This feature helps me to work handsfree when working from home too.  I love it.

2)  If you move you can easily take the Magic Jack Plus with you.  There is no need to cancel a telephone service and no need to get a new phone service when you move.  One less thing to worry about that saves time, money and energy.  If you have to wait to get an Internet Service Provider you can easily make a phone call using a mobile device.  I get free wi-fi from Optimum Online so even if I move as long as I'm in a hotspot, I can get online to make a phone call.  Most of the time I don't even take out my cell phone anymore.  If I have my iPod or iPad out, I make a phone.

3)  Less wires to connect.  The Magic Jack Plus plugs into an electrical socket or directly into your computers USB input.  Less wires and barely uses any space.

4)  No extra phone numbers to dial to access Voice Mail.  All you have to do is dial your Magic Jack Plus phone number and when you message starts to play you simply press the * to check to hear if you have messages if you are away from home.  With my old phone service I had to dial an 888 number, then a code number then wait to be told to press the number one.  What a pain in the ass that was for me.  I never wanted to check to see if I had a message because it became a hassle.

5)  I did mention this feature above but it is an awesome feature to have.  Because the Magic Jack Plus is Internet based, you can make a phone call without using a cell phone when you are away from home.  As long as you have a mobile device that connects you to the Internet, you can open the free Magic Jack App to make a phone call.  I use this feature all the time.  I love it.

These are just a few of the features and perks I like that come with the Magic Jack Plus.  If you are seeking a way to lower your bills, I recommend buying a Magic Jack Plus to replace your landline phone.

Magic Jack Plus offers many more plans to help you save money depending on your needs.  If you would like to lower your phone bill more you can buy a 5 Year Plan at $99.75 and that will turn your phone bill into $20.00 a year.

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